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Hayloft Playscape
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The Hayloft Playscape reopens for the season freshly painted with new mulch, sand, hay bale pyramids, toys & tricycles May 6th!

In addition to the miniature hayloft, homestead & school houses; the enormous tractor tire sand circle, slides, swings & climbing wall; the Hayloft Playscape features a 450 foot tricycle track where 14 laps equals 1 mile. This summer & fall, keep track of how many laps your children complete to see how far they've gone it's a fun way to exercise whether you're riding, running or just walking!

Destination & Number of Laps:
Center of Bethlehem - 14 Laps
Center of Morris - 56 Laps
Center of Watertown - 105 Laps
Center of Woodbury - 126 Laps
Center of Waterbury - 210 Laps
New York City - 1,400 Laps
The Moon - 3,343,998 Laps

Thanks for sending your pictures of the Hayloft Playscape!


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